The bombest muffins

June 9, 2009

so a little bit ago we were talking about cookies so i didnt find my favorite cookie recipe but i did find my favorite muffin recipe and im really excited to share it with you becuase it is so yummy not very fattening and it has those goji berries that i really like. so this is my last post a little sad becuase i never got to give you my key lime pie recipe but o well i had fun hope who ever if any one reads this had fun. its just im not a computer person and i dont want to waste away my summer sitting in front of a computer sorry. so here is this really yummy delicious recipe that i ripped ou tof some random magizine that i don teven remember which one it is. they are called the Finnley’s Super Muffins an dthey are so need:

2 tablespoons goji berries

1/3 cup of warm water

4 eggs

1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil

1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce

1/2 granulated sugar

2 tablespoons agave nectar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 cups of all purpose flour

2 teaspoons bakin gsoda

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

2 cups grated zucchini

1 cup raisins

1. preheat oven to 350 F

2. soak goji berries in warm water for 3 minutes

3. combine the effs, oil, appleasauce, sugar,agave nectar, an svanilla extract in to a bowl, whick in  together, whisk in goji berries and soaking water

4. add flour, baking soda an dcinnamon. mix very well fold in zucchini and raisins just until mixed. the batter should be very heavy.

5. coat the muffin tins with cooking spray. spoon batter into cups , filling each one-half to three-fourths full. bake for 18 to 20 minutes until semi-firm to touch. makes 18 muffins.

6. this is the very most importat step. ENJOY!!!!!!!

they are so good but not to die for becuase i wouldnt die for food i would only die for family and those crazy friends that are your family. i love them. you should go and eat these muffins with those crazy friend family.

bye, actually i hate sayin gbye only see ya later its less sad but since i never saw you i wont see ya soon so goodbye everybody hope you had fun like i kinda did. keep on cooking somethin gthat is really good!


How fun is cooking?

June 9, 2009

isn’t cooking super duper fun i love cooking its so relaxing unless someone is yelling at you like that one show Hells kitchen wouldn’t just be so awful to work in that kitchen because he is always yelling at you its just seems so horrid. if i were on that show i would probably cry every time the guy came near me. I’m a little bit of a wuss. when you talk about cooking its sounds a little hard you know and a lot of recipes are really hard but it is so fun. well actually it doesn’t have to be fun say if you cut a finger off or something thatwould be gross and not at all very fun but most all of my experiences have been really fun like when i cooked with my grandfather that was the best. i think its sad when someone saysthat all they can cook is scrambled eggs i mean why not try something new, and step out of the box and be a little crazy. i have never tried to cook Indian food and it looks a little hard but i like Indian food so maybe ill try it. its always good to try something new. sushi looks plenty hard but maybe some day i should take a class on learning how to do it because i love sushi. its always good to step out of your comfort zone and do something out of the box. you know that song out of the box out of the box. its a little kids song but i don’t remember what show it is from. god this is going to bug me forever. did you know that Korean food is supposed to be one or even the spiciest food in the worlds isn’t that wild. one of my besties is Korean and she told me and i was shocked. that is little fun fact for ya. you know i would hate if all we had to eat was cardboard or all we could cook was scrambled eggs because it would be so bad but we don’t so why don’t we take advantage of all of the thing that we can cook and eat but yet we don’t. we do the same thing all the time while we should be eatin those yummy scorpions. food is so yummylishes. you know that i love to make up my very own word. did you know that this may be one of my very last blogs. i mean i could continue but i dont think i will. we only have two days left not counting today an di have no more intro to computers classes and i only have 40 minutes left so im sorry if i never do a blog agian but i dont like computers so i don think im going to continue becuase i would much rather be doing something else. so cooking everthing that you can and try new things as much as possible. food is fun and keep on cooking ta ta.

There is a new book recently out called Field Guide to Cookies written by Anita Chu and on a blog that i have recently been reading named Brown Eyed Baker she is giving away a free book because the author accidentally sent her two great copies. so on her blog you can enter to win the other copy free of charge. it is a great opportunity to get a great cook book with a hundred great recipes for all kinds of different cookie recipes like baklava to black and white cookies. i personaly have not seen it yet but this women says that it is great and i bet it is if you see her Stanley Cup Playoffs cookies you will be blown away.and  for all you hockey lovers you should try to make your own batch is possible because they are pretty cool if i have to say so myself. i bet that all of the recipes in this book are really delicious so here is the blogs website and their are instructions to help you to sign up but you have to do it really quickly because she will be taking applications or emails or what ever you call it up until the 6th of June and the winner will be chosen the next day which is obviouslythe 7th and i think that the 6th is a Saturday and the 7th is a SUnday so hurry up an dgo to the website which is:

i think that she is letting every one have a fair opportunity because on her website it says that the winner will be chosen by a random number generator which is a good way to do it so if your really lucky and always win you should really try that. isn’t cool that some of those people can win stuff just because they are super dupper lucky i mean isn’t that lucky.i wonder if the book is full of only Anita Chu’s recipes which is cool or she got a bunch of different recipes from different people because that would be even cooler. Cookies sound so good right now since all I’m doing is sitting in a computer lab and we’re not supposed to eat so we don’t mess up the computers. you know i bet that this women is really nice because she could just give the book to a friend but she is allowing us all the chance to possibly get the book so thank you brown eyed baker. you know i should find my favorite cookies recipe on here but i don’t know what my favorite cookie is. i really like chocolate cookies but i don’t know if they are my favorite cookie. so i will figure that out and most likely tell you next time but here isn’t many more next times because school is almost over. counting today i only have three intro to computer classes left so may that’s three more blogs but most likely not because i take for ever to write my blog. good luck to any one who tries to get the book. and happy baking. 

P.S. sorry for my rambling.

my favorite sushi restaurants and maybe evenmy favorite restaurant in general is the king of the roll restaurant. there’s two there’s the one in Larkspur or the one in Terra Linda. they’re both owned by the same guy so they are pretty much the same. its not the nicest place its not dirty its just that if you want to sit outside you sit on plastic chairs and the napkins are not clothe. its not expensive there is take out and the wait service is really nice. you can sit outside or at the bar or just in the restaurant. i love love love sitting at the bar because you can watch the sushi chiefs make your food. i really like l the Anna roll or the lily roll and my mom loves the English cucumberroll because it has no rice. it is a little cucumber cup with spicy albacore i think. she gets it every time we go and that is a lot because we go every Saturday or almost every one because last week i couldn’t go so we didn’t. if you dont like sushi thats okay because there is other Japanese food there i just haven’t tried it because  i love the sushi but i bet it is also really good. i know some one that got the teriyaki i think that’s what it was and she really liked it. the wait staff is really nice and i have a favorite waitress bu ti wont name names, they are all very sweet. i really like the cucumber salad they give in the biggening because it is so refreshing.  i really like their sashmi that is really good and my mom always gets the salmon sashmi. the fish is probably the best that i have ever had. it has so muchflavor and it just melts in your mouth its so good especially the salmon that’s my favorite or the hirame i usually always get those two and something else. another few good rolls arethe spider roll, the rainbow roll and the Californiaroll is good for those people that are not very adventurous with their sushi,you need to step out of the box. something else that i really like is that they do take out which is so convenient for people that are having parties or things like that. i usually can not finish all that i get like the roll so i take it home and have it for luch the next day and it tastes so good. its a good place to bring kids because it is such a kids friendly place. almost every time i go there is at least one kid there. for the parents they do have beer and wine but nothing else. for kids there is the regular sodas and they have a Japanese sodathat is very good. if you have the chance you should really branch out with your eating and try this place, if you already eat sushi try the best and if you already eat there good job. Happy eating.

Watermelon Festival

May 28, 2009

In a town in Georgia named Cordele there is a watermelon festival. It is their 57th watermelon festival anniversary. there is a parade, arts and crafts and food and most definitelywatermelon. they are the watermelon capitol and they have been since  for several years  since they have the sweetest and the most watermelons in the nation. Their festival is named the Annual Watermelon Days Festival. it happens in the first two weeks of June. Their 50th anniversary was in 1999 and they had fireworks and abig outdoor concert. it begins at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Watermelon park. at the festival there is going to be a photo contest, a softball tournament, a fishing rodeo and the Watermelon Capitol Pageant.

Doesn’t this sound like so much fun i mean i really want to go. i hope it keeps going on since its such a tradition an maybe in a few years i will go. i would take my sister because her name is Georgia and i should take two of my best  friends because they love watermelon and one of them only likes watermelon she doesn’t like any other kind of melon not even cantaloupe. i really like  watermelon and i bet they have some really interestingg foods like watermelon ice cream and stuff like that because that sounds really yummy. maybe something like grilled watermelon cuz i have never tried it but doesn’t it sound delicious, i saw it on the food channel a couple of nights ago and it looked goooood.and if you don’t like watermelon you should still go because there is all that other stuff like that softball tournament, that sounds like fun even though i have never played but since its like baseball i don’t mind because i like baseball. and fireworks are really cool and pretty even though they are kind of scary, my sister used to be scared of them but not any more because shes a lot older and she used to be scared of thunder but she has grown up so shes notscared any more. I really want to go it sounds like so much fun almost as much fun as the garlic festival because that sounds like fun cuz they have stuff like garlic ice cream. I think if some one has a chance they should really try to go to this festival in Georgia i mean they are the watermelon capitol so they must have some pretty dang good watermelon. 

here is a link to a site on the festival:

Cheese cake factory

May 19, 2009

so i was shopping, i mean don’t all girls love to shop. STEREOTYPE!!!!! i will shop and sure its fun but i don’t have to shop its not like i really need to shop. i didn’t even buy anything. everything is soooo expensive. so we walked and we walked and we sat in changing rooms and one of my best friend tried so many things on. so we got hungry. first when we got there it was around lunch time so we ate at Boudins and it was very good. i had a really good BLT. Gooo bacon. so then we shopped and then oh my god we had a craving for cheese cake. and doesn’t everyone love cheese cake. so we went to the cheese cake factory duhh. i had never gone or even been in side. it has very large cceilings with paintings of fruit and what looks like to be gods. there are large columns that are also painted. the places to sit are end less. there is the bar, the table, the high table, the booth and i bet if you really wanted they would let you sit on the floor. so a women shows us to a place that has just been cleared and we sat at a high table. first we said just cheese cake bu then my crazy best friend said she also wanted fries. so we order fries. they were  good. they weren’t to salt or oily.  my besty couldn’t get the ketchup out so that was a little annoying. but they were quite good. they were the thin fries not the bumping ones that i really like and they weren’t the ones that have a lot of smooshy potato which i really like but they were good. they brought us water in cool plastic mugs which were nice. the silver wear was the heavy kind but that’s fine by me. they had cloth napkins that were pretty soft. and then they brought us the cheese cake. and it was extraordinary. i got this chocolate raspberry cheesecake or the chocolate raspberry truffle cheese cake i don’t even know i was just astoundeed by the flavor.   it was very good. i mean i love cheese cake and i have had very many before and this was good. it wasn’tthe average becauseit was chocolate and it was fabulous. my bestygot the same as me and her mom got original cheese cake with fresh stawberries, which looked pretty dang good. i was going to get the banana cream cheese cake but i chose the chocolate. i should really go back to try some more because it was so good. the atmosphere was beautiful the service was great and it was a really nice place. expansive to some but not to others. it is kinda located in a weird place because its in a mall which is kinda stange but it is a nice mall it just looks like it should be located by its self. it would be a very good place to celebrate a birthday. it is a pretty big and has a lot of tables to sit at but you may have to wait becuase people like to eat there. maybe you should try it some time.  and definitely try the cheese cake.

okay finally my recipe for cordon blue but first a list of the seven best ingredinents to make the bombest cordon blue

1. Chicken (duhh)

2. asparagrus (dont really like it but its good in this)

3. swiss cheese ( its the best cheese to use)

4. goji berries ( cranberries are also good)

5. prosciutto (yum yum yum!!!)

6. eggs( you really need them)

7. bread crumbs( you also need them)

so of course chicken is a must. i mean come on it wouldnt be cordon blue with out chicken, or maybe it would. well it really needs chicken. i love chicken it so light and good, what ever you cook it in it tastes like that. its easy to munipulate.  its really good with the cheese and the asparagrus ( fuuny thing about me is that i have said asparagRus since i was little. its my moms fault.)

i really do not like aspargrus im not sure why i just think its not very good but god its so good in the cordon blue. its so good. you should steam them thats what makes them really good. my mom likes to saute them but i would rather steam them because they are cruchy  or adente. i really have spelling problems so im very sorry but i never claimed to be a good speller so you dont need to tell me.

another thing that i dont really like is swiss cheese. its kinds gross but yum its so good in the chicken. i have also used havarti cheese and thats okay but i would rather use swiss cheese. its so yummy. you shouldnt use a whole piece but split it or something. its so wierd and holy im not even sure why its like that.

goji berries are really good in the cordon blue cuz they make it sweet and pretty good. you could also use cranberries but there not as good. goji berries get all smooshy and warm there so good. im not sure of any other berry but these to are good i have also used both at the same time. goji berries are dried and you could probably find them in a health food store like good earth.

proscuitto is sooo good ohh my god it is delicious. i love it and every time i use it i eat it and i snack on it all the time. its so good in the chicken. you rap it around the asparagrus and it tastes fanaminal. its so good with the cantalope but that is like a snack definately not for dinner.

eggs are a must or else the bread crumbs will have a very hard time sticking to the meat. eggs are really good there a great breakfast food and they really help with the the bread crumbs and the chicken. with out the eggs there would be no cordon blue just stuffed chiken breast.

bread crumbs  coat the chicken. i like to use ians panco bread crumbs cuz they are light and really nice to use other wise you could use any others or you could even make your own bread crumbs. just use some really stale bread and pound it until its crumbs. it could be fun but i have never tried it. you could use old bread you dont know what to do with an you dont want to waste it.

so here is the things that you will need and this will serve about 2 people


2 chicken breasts

2 to 6 pieces of asparuagrus

1/4 to 1/2 a cup of goji or cranberries

about 2 pieces of proscuttio

2 pieces of cheese

2 cups of bread crumbs

2 eggs

a spalsh of olive oil or a teaspoon of butter

first you must take your chicken breasts and slice through them so that they are faned out which is where the ingredingents will go. do not slice all the way through the chicken of course. and  then with a mallet you should pound on them so that they can be flatter so they can fit all of the ingredients. all the while you should be steaming your asparagrus. after take the asparugrus out and rap them in one to two pieces of prosciutto. lay them in side of the chicken breast then you should pour as many berries as you want or can fit depending on which comes frist. take a peice of cheese and fold it in half and lay the pieces in side. when you are done with that you may want to warm you burner and put some butter on to the pan so it can melt. fold over the chicken breast and if it needs it which it probably will you should stick some tooth picks into the breast so that all of the yummy stuff inside can stay inside. when you are doing this some where inbetween when you have time pour bread crumbs into a bowl or onto a plate. then scamble your eggs in a bowl. take one of the breasts and coat it in egg you may use a brush if you dont want to use your hands. after coat the chicken in bread crumbs. repeat with the other chicken. then put them in the pan with the butter. you should cook them for about 15 minutes but it depends on the size so you should be checking them every couple of minutes. and vau la (maybe thats how you spell it) its done. you may want ot pair it with a good old garden salad or maybe some sauted mushrooms. it is so good.

All aspects of Food

May 14, 2009

food is so interesting and delicious and there is so many different types theres fruit and meat and poultry and vegtables and then theres seafood/fish but then there are the things that  people do with them there is the frying the boiling, steaming and the grilling but those are just a few then there are the other vairites of things like japanese and italian and theres ameriacan. there is such a vairity of food that  food can never ever be boring. there is so many things that you can do with food and you dont even have to do it you can just go out and eat i just dont know how people can go out and eat at mcdonalds instead of going out to sushi. i love love love sushi and not the girly baby sushi like cucumber rolls i would rather eat something like samon sashimi which for the people who have no idea what that is is that it is just a small piece of samon with nothing else, no rice or anythiong else. its soooooo yummy who every  has not tried it is a crazy person. my dad said he would never try sushi it was a “hippie” food than guess what he tried it and looooves it. i can not understand those crazy vegos and when i say that it is not supposed to be mean it means vegantarian and i call my best friend that cuz she is a vego and she doesnt mind cuz its not supposed to mean. but you vegos are crazy!!! any way i would try any kind of food like those fried scorpions on amazing race looked fun to try but my friends think im absolutly crazy but i like to try things even when i was little i would try anything from clams at a nice resturant that my grandfather would feed me to the sand at the park. i have always been an adventurous eater and i would like to try those scorpions. but there is so much food its like the amount of people on earth timed like a cugillion its so cool and i dont have anything agianst processed food or things like mcdonalds  my mom said just a couple of days ago actually “theres a place in this world for mcdonalds” . even pre mixed foods are not bad like cake mixes they are awesome because you can totally make them your own. my friends had a craving for some delicious cake so we walked to IGA and picked up some cake mix, eggs and milk and of course that nasty frosting that is actually quite delicious and we went home and made it and it was very good. we could have made it home made and slaved over it or found some easy recipe but we decided why not just eat some cake from a box. its not bad but its not as good as from scratch but we didnt have the time we just wanted cake. we didnt even eat it with forks we ate cave man style with our fingers. so in  my opinion once in a while its okay to cheat and make something easy thats in a box. you can twist it add some thing to make it your own.  if you would rather make it from scratch thats fine like soup or something cuz my mom got this packaged soup from a friend and it looked gross but pudding or cake or brownies in my opinion is fine. so the other night i made a really delicious dish. cordon blue. it was for me and my mom and it was sort of a late mothers day gift and not to brag but YUM!!! so next time i will tell you i promise to give the recipe, its kinda wierd but it was good. so tell next time go bake a really good cake, eat a COOKED scorpion or eat something really good.

Why I’m doing this

May 12, 2009

Im a high school student and I am taking an intro to computers class and this is one of our assingments, to make a blog about something we are interested in. I would have never thought of making a blog but it should be fun. I am very interested in cooking and thats what this blog is going to be about, easy and fun dishes that taste pretty dang good. I first really started to make “adult” dishes instead of scrambled eggs with my grandfather one of the first dishes was cordon blue the chiken dish. Funny thing is i just looked up cordon blue on google image to make sure i spelled it right and a bunch of birds came up. Pretty wierd. I guess theres a bird named the Cordon Bleu. i know how to make things like meatloaf ( not the gross kind) its really good actually and its my moms recipe but she likes to change it every time depending on what we have in the frige.  Thats the way she kinda cooks but its fun and mixes it up. its not like you want one of those mothers were you have meatloaf Monday and tuna casserole Tuesday.  I have never actually had tuna casserole so i shouldn’t be judging. Cooking is always fun with family and friends but i feel like i havent cooked in quite a while so i should do something tonight just so that i will have some really good recipe. OOHHH maybe ill do a key lime pie. My key lime pies are to die for. there not that hard to make and there quite delicious. i will find that recipe and share it soon.  not to tell a sob story but just to explain why i havent cooked in a while is because i would cook with my grandfather and after he got sick we stopped cooking together and since then i havent cooked anything real special but it is so fun i will start.  so thank you for listening and i hope that you will come back to get some really good recipes and maybe i will share with you my secret key lime pie. note: its that good that my mom and me and a friend of hers went out to dinner ordered a key lime pie and it was definately not as good as my pie and this wasnt some gross resturant it is a pretty nice resturant in the city. no offence to who ever made it but mine is way more scrumptious.  so if you coem back and read quite soon there will be some really yummy recipes.

Hello world!

May 11, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!