Why I’m doing this

May 12, 2009

Im a high school student and I am taking an intro to computers class and this is one of our assingments, to make a blog about something we are interested in. I would have never thought of making a blog but it should be fun. I am very interested in cooking and thats what this blog is going to be about, easy and fun dishes that taste pretty dang good. I first really started to make “adult” dishes instead of scrambled eggs with my grandfather one of the first dishes was cordon blue the chiken dish. Funny thing is i just looked up cordon blue on google image to make sure i spelled it right and a bunch of birds came up. Pretty wierd. I guess theres a bird named the Cordon Bleu. i know how to make things like meatloaf ( not the gross kind) its really good actually and its my moms recipe but she likes to change it every time depending on what we have in the frige.  Thats the way she kinda cooks but its fun and mixes it up. its not like you want one of those mothers were you have meatloaf Monday and tuna casserole Tuesday.  I have never actually had tuna casserole so i shouldn’t be judging. Cooking is always fun with family and friends but i feel like i havent cooked in quite a while so i should do something tonight just so that i will have some really good recipe. OOHHH maybe ill do a key lime pie. My key lime pies are to die for. there not that hard to make and there quite delicious. i will find that recipe and share it soon.  not to tell a sob story but just to explain why i havent cooked in a while is because i would cook with my grandfather and after he got sick we stopped cooking together and since then i havent cooked anything real special but it is so fun i will start.  so thank you for listening and i hope that you will come back to get some really good recipes and maybe i will share with you my secret key lime pie. note: its that good that my mom and me and a friend of hers went out to dinner ordered a key lime pie and it was definately not as good as my pie and this wasnt some gross resturant it is a pretty nice resturant in the city. no offence to who ever made it but mine is way more scrumptious.  so if you coem back and read quite soon there will be some really yummy recipes.


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