All aspects of Food

May 14, 2009

food is so interesting and delicious and there is so many different types theres fruit and meat and poultry and vegtables and then theres seafood/fish but then there are the things that  people do with them there is the frying the boiling, steaming and the grilling but those are just a few then there are the other vairites of things like japanese and italian and theres ameriacan. there is such a vairity of food that  food can never ever be boring. there is so many things that you can do with food and you dont even have to do it you can just go out and eat i just dont know how people can go out and eat at mcdonalds instead of going out to sushi. i love love love sushi and not the girly baby sushi like cucumber rolls i would rather eat something like samon sashimi which for the people who have no idea what that is is that it is just a small piece of samon with nothing else, no rice or anythiong else. its soooooo yummy who every  has not tried it is a crazy person. my dad said he would never try sushi it was a “hippie” food than guess what he tried it and looooves it. i can not understand those crazy vegos and when i say that it is not supposed to be mean it means vegantarian and i call my best friend that cuz she is a vego and she doesnt mind cuz its not supposed to mean. but you vegos are crazy!!! any way i would try any kind of food like those fried scorpions on amazing race looked fun to try but my friends think im absolutly crazy but i like to try things even when i was little i would try anything from clams at a nice resturant that my grandfather would feed me to the sand at the park. i have always been an adventurous eater and i would like to try those scorpions. but there is so much food its like the amount of people on earth timed like a cugillion its so cool and i dont have anything agianst processed food or things like mcdonalds  my mom said just a couple of days ago actually “theres a place in this world for mcdonalds” . even pre mixed foods are not bad like cake mixes they are awesome because you can totally make them your own. my friends had a craving for some delicious cake so we walked to IGA and picked up some cake mix, eggs and milk and of course that nasty frosting that is actually quite delicious and we went home and made it and it was very good. we could have made it home made and slaved over it or found some easy recipe but we decided why not just eat some cake from a box. its not bad but its not as good as from scratch but we didnt have the time we just wanted cake. we didnt even eat it with forks we ate cave man style with our fingers. so in  my opinion once in a while its okay to cheat and make something easy thats in a box. you can twist it add some thing to make it your own.  if you would rather make it from scratch thats fine like soup or something cuz my mom got this packaged soup from a friend and it looked gross but pudding or cake or brownies in my opinion is fine. so the other night i made a really delicious dish. cordon blue. it was for me and my mom and it was sort of a late mothers day gift and not to brag but YUM!!! so next time i will tell you i promise to give the recipe, its kinda wierd but it was good. so tell next time go bake a really good cake, eat a COOKED scorpion or eat something really good.


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