Cheese cake factory

May 19, 2009

so i was shopping, i mean don’t all girls love to shop. STEREOTYPE!!!!! i will shop and sure its fun but i don’t have to shop its not like i really need to shop. i didn’t even buy anything. everything is soooo expensive. so we walked and we walked and we sat in changing rooms and one of my best friend tried so many things on. so we got hungry. first when we got there it was around lunch time so we ate at Boudins and it was very good. i had a really good BLT. Gooo bacon. so then we shopped and then oh my god we had a craving for cheese cake. and doesn’t everyone love cheese cake. so we went to the cheese cake factory duhh. i had never gone or even been in side. it has very large cceilings with paintings of fruit and what looks like to be gods. there are large columns that are also painted. the places to sit are end less. there is the bar, the table, the high table, the booth and i bet if you really wanted they would let you sit on the floor. so a women shows us to a place that has just been cleared and we sat at a high table. first we said just cheese cake bu then my crazy best friend said she also wanted fries. so we order fries. they were  good. they weren’t to salt or oily.  my besty couldn’t get the ketchup out so that was a little annoying. but they were quite good. they were the thin fries not the bumping ones that i really like and they weren’t the ones that have a lot of smooshy potato which i really like but they were good. they brought us water in cool plastic mugs which were nice. the silver wear was the heavy kind but that’s fine by me. they had cloth napkins that were pretty soft. and then they brought us the cheese cake. and it was extraordinary. i got this chocolate raspberry cheesecake or the chocolate raspberry truffle cheese cake i don’t even know i was just astoundeed by the flavor.   it was very good. i mean i love cheese cake and i have had very many before and this was good. it wasn’tthe average becauseit was chocolate and it was fabulous. my bestygot the same as me and her mom got original cheese cake with fresh stawberries, which looked pretty dang good. i was going to get the banana cream cheese cake but i chose the chocolate. i should really go back to try some more because it was so good. the atmosphere was beautiful the service was great and it was a really nice place. expansive to some but not to others. it is kinda located in a weird place because its in a mall which is kinda stange but it is a nice mall it just looks like it should be located by its self. it would be a very good place to celebrate a birthday. it is a pretty big and has a lot of tables to sit at but you may have to wait becuase people like to eat there. maybe you should try it some time.  and definitely try the cheese cake.


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