My list of seven things that make the best cordon blue

May 19, 2009

okay finally my recipe for cordon blue but first a list of the seven best ingredinents to make the bombest cordon blue

1. Chicken (duhh)

2. asparagrus (dont really like it but its good in this)

3. swiss cheese ( its the best cheese to use)

4. goji berries ( cranberries are also good)

5. prosciutto (yum yum yum!!!)

6. eggs( you really need them)

7. bread crumbs( you also need them)

so of course chicken is a must. i mean come on it wouldnt be cordon blue with out chicken, or maybe it would. well it really needs chicken. i love chicken it so light and good, what ever you cook it in it tastes like that. its easy to munipulate.  its really good with the cheese and the asparagrus ( fuuny thing about me is that i have said asparagRus since i was little. its my moms fault.)

i really do not like aspargrus im not sure why i just think its not very good but god its so good in the cordon blue. its so good. you should steam them thats what makes them really good. my mom likes to saute them but i would rather steam them because they are cruchy  or adente. i really have spelling problems so im very sorry but i never claimed to be a good speller so you dont need to tell me.

another thing that i dont really like is swiss cheese. its kinds gross but yum its so good in the chicken. i have also used havarti cheese and thats okay but i would rather use swiss cheese. its so yummy. you shouldnt use a whole piece but split it or something. its so wierd and holy im not even sure why its like that.

goji berries are really good in the cordon blue cuz they make it sweet and pretty good. you could also use cranberries but there not as good. goji berries get all smooshy and warm there so good. im not sure of any other berry but these to are good i have also used both at the same time. goji berries are dried and you could probably find them in a health food store like good earth.

proscuitto is sooo good ohh my god it is delicious. i love it and every time i use it i eat it and i snack on it all the time. its so good in the chicken. you rap it around the asparagrus and it tastes fanaminal. its so good with the cantalope but that is like a snack definately not for dinner.

eggs are a must or else the bread crumbs will have a very hard time sticking to the meat. eggs are really good there a great breakfast food and they really help with the the bread crumbs and the chicken. with out the eggs there would be no cordon blue just stuffed chiken breast.

bread crumbs  coat the chicken. i like to use ians panco bread crumbs cuz they are light and really nice to use other wise you could use any others or you could even make your own bread crumbs. just use some really stale bread and pound it until its crumbs. it could be fun but i have never tried it. you could use old bread you dont know what to do with an you dont want to waste it.

so here is the things that you will need and this will serve about 2 people


2 chicken breasts

2 to 6 pieces of asparuagrus

1/4 to 1/2 a cup of goji or cranberries

about 2 pieces of proscuttio

2 pieces of cheese

2 cups of bread crumbs

2 eggs

a spalsh of olive oil or a teaspoon of butter

first you must take your chicken breasts and slice through them so that they are faned out which is where the ingredingents will go. do not slice all the way through the chicken of course. and  then with a mallet you should pound on them so that they can be flatter so they can fit all of the ingredients. all the while you should be steaming your asparagrus. after take the asparugrus out and rap them in one to two pieces of prosciutto. lay them in side of the chicken breast then you should pour as many berries as you want or can fit depending on which comes frist. take a peice of cheese and fold it in half and lay the pieces in side. when you are done with that you may want to warm you burner and put some butter on to the pan so it can melt. fold over the chicken breast and if it needs it which it probably will you should stick some tooth picks into the breast so that all of the yummy stuff inside can stay inside. when you are doing this some where inbetween when you have time pour bread crumbs into a bowl or onto a plate. then scamble your eggs in a bowl. take one of the breasts and coat it in egg you may use a brush if you dont want to use your hands. after coat the chicken in bread crumbs. repeat with the other chicken. then put them in the pan with the butter. you should cook them for about 15 minutes but it depends on the size so you should be checking them every couple of minutes. and vau la (maybe thats how you spell it) its done. you may want ot pair it with a good old garden salad or maybe some sauted mushrooms. it is so good.


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