My review of King of the Roll

May 28, 2009

my favorite sushi restaurants and maybe evenmy favorite restaurant in general is the king of the roll restaurant. there’s two there’s the one in Larkspur or the one in Terra Linda. they’re both owned by the same guy so they are pretty much the same. its not the nicest place its not dirty its just that if you want to sit outside you sit on plastic chairs and the napkins are not clothe. its not expensive there is take out and the wait service is really nice. you can sit outside or at the bar or just in the restaurant. i love love love sitting at the bar because you can watch the sushi chiefs make your food. i really like l the Anna roll or the lily roll and my mom loves the English cucumberroll because it has no rice. it is a little cucumber cup with spicy albacore i think. she gets it every time we go and that is a lot because we go every Saturday or almost every one because last week i couldn’t go so we didn’t. if you dont like sushi thats okay because there is other Japanese food there i just haven’t tried it because  i love the sushi but i bet it is also really good. i know some one that got the teriyaki i think that’s what it was and she really liked it. the wait staff is really nice and i have a favorite waitress bu ti wont name names, they are all very sweet. i really like the cucumber salad they give in the biggening because it is so refreshing.  i really like their sashmi that is really good and my mom always gets the salmon sashmi. the fish is probably the best that i have ever had. it has so muchflavor and it just melts in your mouth its so good especially the salmon that’s my favorite or the hirame i usually always get those two and something else. another few good rolls arethe spider roll, the rainbow roll and the Californiaroll is good for those people that are not very adventurous with their sushi,you need to step out of the box. something else that i really like is that they do take out which is so convenient for people that are having parties or things like that. i usually can not finish all that i get like the roll so i take it home and have it for luch the next day and it tastes so good. its a good place to bring kids because it is such a kids friendly place. almost every time i go there is at least one kid there. for the parents they do have beer and wine but nothing else. for kids there is the regular sodas and they have a Japanese sodathat is very good. if you have the chance you should really branch out with your eating and try this place, if you already eat sushi try the best and if you already eat there good job. Happy eating.


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