Watermelon Festival

May 28, 2009

In a town in Georgia named Cordele there is a watermelon festival. It is their 57th watermelon festival anniversary. there is a parade, arts and crafts and food and most definitelywatermelon. they are the watermelon capitol and they have been since  for several years  since they have the sweetest and the most watermelons in the nation. Their festival is named the Annual Watermelon Days Festival. it happens in the first two weeks of June. Their 50th anniversary was in 1999 and they had fireworks and abig outdoor concert. it begins at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Watermelon park. at the festival there is going to be a photo contest, a softball tournament, a fishing rodeo and the Watermelon Capitol Pageant.

Doesn’t this sound like so much fun i mean i really want to go. i hope it keeps going on since its such a tradition an maybe in a few years i will go. i would take my sister because her name is Georgia and i should take two of my best  friends because they love watermelon and one of them only likes watermelon she doesn’t like any other kind of melon not even cantaloupe. i really like  watermelon and i bet they have some really interestingg foods like watermelon ice cream and stuff like that because that sounds really yummy. maybe something like grilled watermelon cuz i have never tried it but doesn’t it sound delicious, i saw it on the food channel a couple of nights ago and it looked goooood.and if you don’t like watermelon you should still go because there is all that other stuff like that softball tournament, that sounds like fun even though i have never played but since its like baseball i don’t mind because i like baseball. and fireworks are really cool and pretty even though they are kind of scary, my sister used to be scared of them but not any more because shes a lot older and she used to be scared of thunder but she has grown up so shes notscared any more. I really want to go it sounds like so much fun almost as much fun as the garlic festival because that sounds like fun cuz they have stuff like garlic ice cream. I think if some one has a chance they should really try to go to this festival in Georgia i mean they are the watermelon capitol so they must have some pretty dang good watermelon. 

here is a link to a site on the festival:



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