What a great opportunity

June 4, 2009

There is a new book recently out called Field Guide to Cookies written by Anita Chu and on a blog that i have recently been reading named Brown Eyed Baker she is giving away a free book because the author accidentally sent her two great copies. so on her blog you can enter to win the other copy free of charge. it is a great opportunity to get a great cook book with a hundred great recipes for all kinds of different cookie recipes like baklava to black and white cookies. i personaly have not seen it yet but this women says that it is great and i bet it is if you see her Stanley Cup Playoffs cookies you will be blown away.and  for all you hockey lovers you should try to make your own batch is possible because they are pretty cool if i have to say so myself. i bet that all of the recipes in this book are really delicious so here is the blogs website and their are instructions to help you to sign up but you have to do it really quickly because she will be taking applications or emails or what ever you call it up until the 6th of June and the winner will be chosen the next day which is obviouslythe 7th and i think that the 6th is a Saturday and the 7th is a SUnday so hurry up an dgo to the website which is:


i think that she is letting every one have a fair opportunity because on her website it says that the winner will be chosen by a random number generator which is a good way to do it so if your really lucky and always win you should really try that. isn’t cool that some of those people can win stuff just because they are super dupper lucky i mean isn’t that lucky.i wonder if the book is full of only Anita Chu’s recipes which is cool or she got a bunch of different recipes from different people because that would be even cooler. Cookies sound so good right now since all I’m doing is sitting in a computer lab and we’re not supposed to eat so we don’t mess up the computers. you know i bet that this women is really nice because she could just give the book to a friend but she is allowing us all the chance to possibly get the book so thank you brown eyed baker. you know i should find my favorite cookies recipe on here but i don’t know what my favorite cookie is. i really like chocolate cookies but i don’t know if they are my favorite cookie. so i will figure that out and most likely tell you next time but here isn’t many more next times because school is almost over. counting today i only have three intro to computer classes left so may that’s three more blogs but most likely not because i take for ever to write my blog. good luck to any one who tries to get the book. and happy baking. 

P.S. sorry for my rambling.


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