How fun is cooking?

June 9, 2009

isn’t cooking super duper fun i love cooking its so relaxing unless someone is yelling at you like that one show Hells kitchen wouldn’t just be so awful to work in that kitchen because he is always yelling at you its just seems so horrid. if i were on that show i would probably cry every time the guy came near me. I’m a little bit of a wuss. when you talk about cooking its sounds a little hard you know and a lot of recipes are really hard but it is so fun. well actually it doesn’t have to be fun say if you cut a finger off or something thatwould be gross and not at all very fun but most all of my experiences have been really fun like when i cooked with my grandfather that was the best. i think its sad when someone saysthat all they can cook is scrambled eggs i mean why not try something new, and step out of the box and be a little crazy. i have never tried to cook Indian food and it looks a little hard but i like Indian food so maybe ill try it. its always good to try something new. sushi looks plenty hard but maybe some day i should take a class on learning how to do it because i love sushi. its always good to step out of your comfort zone and do something out of the box. you know that song out of the box out of the box. its a little kids song but i don’t remember what show it is from. god this is going to bug me forever. did you know that Korean food is supposed to be one or even the spiciest food in the worlds isn’t that wild. one of my besties is Korean and she told me and i was shocked. that is little fun fact for ya. you know i would hate if all we had to eat was cardboard or all we could cook was scrambled eggs because it would be so bad but we don’t so why don’t we take advantage of all of the thing that we can cook and eat but yet we don’t. we do the same thing all the time while we should be eatin those yummy scorpions. food is so yummylishes. you know that i love to make up my very own word. did you know that this may be one of my very last blogs. i mean i could continue but i dont think i will. we only have two days left not counting today an di have no more intro to computers classes and i only have 40 minutes left so im sorry if i never do a blog agian but i dont like computers so i don think im going to continue becuase i would much rather be doing something else. so cooking everthing that you can and try new things as much as possible. food is fun and keep on cooking ta ta.


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